UM Software Engineering Club

The University of Miami’s Software Engineering club is joint effort between the ACM and IEEE club chapters to support UM computer scientists, software engineers, programmers, and anyone who wants to learn more about the programming or software industries. We meet twice a week during the semester to teach classes about programming concepts, data structures, and algorithms, as well as present about interesting topics in the computing and software industries, such as databases, parallel and high performance computing, and quantum computing.

We also encourage our members to actively attend and compete at hackathons in Florida and around the country. Hackathons are a great opportunity for new programmers and developers to build software projects over the course of a weekend, while also networking with other developers and companies from around the country.

Meeting Times and Locations

Regular meetings will occur twice week as specified below.

Tuesday: 7:00-8:30 - Introduction to Programming (MEA 202)

Thursday: 7:00-8:30 - Advanced Programming Concepts (MEA 202)

There may also be extra meetings to discuss projects, hackathons, or other club events. Guest speakers or company presentations may also be scheduled at other times throughout the week. Join our Facebook group to stay up to date with club meetings and presentations.


We strongly encourage members to attend at least one hackathon each year. Hackathons are great places to meet recruiters from top tech companies as well as other developers from around Florida and the US. Hackathons take place all over the country and all throughout the year, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to attend if interested. Below are the dates and locations of a few local hackathons:

Event Name School Date Notes
ShellHacks FIU, Miami Sept. 14 Registration closes on September 5
HackGT Georgia Tech, Atlanta Oct. 21 Registration closes on September 22
UHack University of Miami Dec. 1 Registration open in October

For hackathon events outside of the city of Miami, travel assistance is often available from the hackathon event itself. The club also has limited funding alotted for sending members to hackathons around the country. If your interested in attending hackathons with us, stay tuned for more information.

More hackathon events can be found at the MLH website.


UHack is the University of Miami’s Official Hackathon event. It is organized and run by our club for UM students and other students from around the country. UHack is presently scheduled to occur December 1-2 at the Shalala Center. If you are interested in helping organize UHack please contact one of our EBoard members.

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